Association Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2002

The association meeting began at 7:05 pm at the Tise House.

2002 Board members attending:   George Bryan, Ann Doherty, Linda Kirby, Toni Phillips, Steve Joiner, Kathleen Ramich, Bill Gibson, David Poythress

Announcements: George Bryan asked new attendees and members to introduce themselves:  Cindy Stubblefield, a West End resident with AIDS care; and Robin Clark, who has moved to town and would like to find housing in West End.

South Central Area Plan:  George reported that the SCAP will now move to Planning Board on October 5 at 5:00pm.  He plans to attend if possible; if anyone else can attend, thinks West End representation is important.  If approved, the SCAP will direct plans for next 10 – 15 years.  The WEA has approved the plan.  The points still of concern to WEA are areas that SCAP points out are issues to many areas, e.g. multi-family housing issue, is one such point.

Eric Elliott is promoting Neighborhood Institute for Community Leadership on October 24 –26th.  This is great training for neighborhood leadership.

Invitation to Kudzu presentation at library on Oct. 10.  Review of area music cataloged.


Approval of Minutes from September Meeting:  Lee Ann Manning asked if there were any corrections to the minutes as provided. None were made.  Motion was made to accept as presented; seconded, and passed unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Joiner distributed the current financial report, showing cash on hand = $11,548.78; investments = $10,538.23; total assets = $22,087.01.  Membership now includes 153 resident members.  Motion was made to accept report as presented; seconded, and passed unanimously.

Social Committee Report:  Ann Doherty reported for Alex Flowers that the October 4 social will be at the home of Stuart and Andrea Thomas, 909 West End Blvd;  the November 8 social at home of Lee Ann Manning; 855 W. 6th St.

House Tour Report:  Ann Doherty reported that with all houses in order and volunteers lined up, house tour committees are beginning meetings.  Dottie Wise is coordinating house volunteers.  Lee Ann, Ann, and Nora Garver have met with David Poythress and Bryan Flynn regarding design of the brochure and poster.

Highlights from Sept. 17th Board Meeting:  George noted the following three major points from the Sept. 17th board meeting:

·         Owners of property at 655 N. Spring St. asked for WEA board’s support to remove a tree that is leaning dangerously close to house.  Board may have set precedent in that it approved removal with the stipulation that owners replace tree with a hardwood tree with a trunk at least 4” in diameter.  George noted that the owners have agreed to do so.  Mike Tyson noted that at one time, trees were planted in planting strip in front of his property that were too large for area, are now damaging sidewalk.  Also, association members had some questions and points regarding the city’s responsibilities about dead limbs over sidewalks and the best ways to contact owners of trees that threaten property.

·         Augsburg Lutheran Church property that is used for parking and non-profit businesses may be out of compliance, but as long as they didn’t propose changing zoning, there were no problems.  Now they are looking at possibility of changing, but they have many questions regarding number of parking spaces required.  George plans to talk with them regarding their proposals and issue of screening plants between parking and residential areas.  Church hopes to go before Appearance Commission with their ideas for screening.

October 1, 2002

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·         Board heard presentation from Jan Wagner and Phyllis Mendell of Ridgeway Builders regarding triplex rental unit they would like to build on Piedmont Ave.  Many issues raised regarding the proposal include:  parking; materials planned , multi-family dwelling.  Board suggested to builders that they have an architect design a building that fits the styles of the area.  George has not heard from the builders with any updates since board meeting.

Proposed Alley Changes at St. Paul’s Episopal Church:  David Poythress reported that he has received updated information from Mark Stafford of Kilpatrick Stockton regarding the proposed alley changes at St. Paul’s.  David has issues with some points in Mark’s letter, including that the alley is referred to at “5 ˝ St.,” the letter talks about closing the entire alley, and that too many points in the letter aren’t specific enough.  David doesn’t want this proposal to set the precedent since it’s not specific enough. Proposed changes go before Board of Aldermen on October 21st, so David will bring issue to next WEA board meeting before Board of Aldermen meeting.  David will call Wanda Merschel to see what next step should be.  It appears the proposal has already been through the Planning Board.

Presentation by Corporal Mike Riazzi of Winston-Salem Police Department:  George introduced Riazzi, who was assigned to the West End in summer.  George has asked Riazzi for some basic police report info, and Riazzi had prepared historical data for him.  With recent problems of vehicle break-ins, George and Mike wanted to update West End residents.  Mike commended the West End for being proactive about watching crime in area.  His discussion, questions from the attendees, and general discussion included the following points:

·         During a year, the West End generally sees the average numbers of reports each month:  30 alarms/disturbances; 16 fights; 14 traffic accidents; 9 larceny; 19 suspicious persons/vehicles.  These are always the top five items, no matter what time of year.

·         September 2002 saw an unusual increase in attempted/completed vehicle break-ins. 

·         “Sprees” are difficult to anticipate unless a pattern develops

·         High number of suspicious persons/vehicles reports show that residents are watching and reporting instances that should be reported

·         Members were concerned about recent incidents where houses were broken into while residents were in houses.

·         Compared with other residential areas, the WSPD does not consider West End a “high crime area.”

·         Fortunate that West End doesn’t have more break-ins because thieves usually break in areas where they perceive high dollar items, and West End fits that description.

·         Encourage neighbors to report any suspicious activity.  Discussion of what constitutes suspicious activity.  Err on side of being cautious.

·         Question of whether this information will be used in any special way.  George noted that the information is really only for reporting purposes.

·         Question of how to deal with panhandling, which is very difficult for arrest unless it becomes too aggressive and falls into city ordinance responsibilities.

·         If trespassers are using empty lots, locate property owner and ask them to post “no trespassing” signs.  Then, police can remove people from those lots.

Kathleen Ramich reported that a detective is investigating the person who approached many homeowners and residents during the last year, asking for money.  Appears this has happened in many areas he has lived.

Business Manager Report:  Linda Kirby asked for volunteers to help sell WEA newsletter ads for the 2003 year.  Toni Phillips and Dewey Yarborough have already volunteered to help.

October 1, 2002

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Industrial Area Foundation Conference:  Lisa Elam reported that she, David Elam, Amy Lindsey, and Ellen and Dewey Yarborough attended the IAF conference for the West End and have committed that the West End will host “house meetings.” The purpose of these meetings is to have residents identify the top 5 problems they see in Winston-Salem, get back to delegate committees, which will then look at suggestions for solving these problems.  While many delegates are from area churches, the meetings are very ecumenical, mult-faith, political. Their purpose is to have people in neighborhoods know each other.

Thomas Welch House Bed and Breakfast:  David and Marilyn Poorbaugh reported they have received all the approvals necessary to open the bed and breakfast.  They appreciate the WEA’s support.

Issues regarding Alleys (Brunson School, etc):  George has heard nothing lately regarding questions about alleys.  Lean staff on Planning Board means that not all issues are being addressed in timely manner, especially those that do not have immediate pending issues.  David Poythress noted that WEA should be proactive about bringing issues forward.  George asked David to re-establish a committee to look at these points.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Ann Manning