Association Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2003


The association meeting began at 7:05 pm at the Tise House.


2003 Board members attending:   George Bryan & Ann Doherty, Dave & Marilyn Poorbaugh, Linda Kirby, Steve Joiner, David Poythress, Karen Durell, David Phillips, Larry Schooler, and Lee Ann Manning


New Members and Announcements: George opened the meeting by asking any new members or first-time attendees to introduce themselves:  Angela Taylor and Mike Hazen introduced themselves.  (At the end of the meeting, Laura Ingram also introduced herself.)


Highlights from May WEA Board Meeting:  George noted a few highlights from the May WEA Board meeting:

·         He and Stuart Thomas are serving on a committee encouraging the city to look at reinstating limited trolley routes within the city.  They have found some pieces of old trolley line and are using sections of the track to make plaques to encourage city officials to consider trolley routes. 

·         The board voted unanimously to nominate Sam Ogburn, Jr., and Stuart McCormack’s work on the rental properties on West End Blvd for the Appearance Award.  (Photos of these renovations were included in the June WEA newsletter.)  The board wanted to commend the work on these properties that would make non-historic properties blend more with historic neighborhoods. 


Approval of Minutes from May Meeting:  Lee Ann Manning asked if there were any corrections to the minutes as provided. Motion was made to accept as presented; seconded, and passed unanimously. 


Membership/Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Joiner distributed the current financial report, showing total assets of $25,691.61.  He did note that current memberships lag 15 behind this point last year.  He pointed out that business members are really carrying the difference in memberships.  Lee Ann Manning asked Linda Kirby if there were flyer advertisers for the June newsletter.  Linda reported that there were no flyers purchased for June.


Social Committee:  Ann Doherty reported that there will be no WEA social on June 6th, but encouraged everyone to attend the Fourth St. Jazz series downtown and the gallery hop.  For July, the social will be the 4th of July party at the Tise House on Friday, July 4th, from 11:30am – 2:30pm.  In August, the Clarks (Spring St.) have volunteered their home for a Pool Party Social.  In September, the WEA Arts Fest will be the monthly social.  George encouraged members and residents to host events in areas of the West End that have  not been represented before.


Kilpatrick Stockton Landscaping Timbers Update:  George updated the meeting on the history of the issue at Kilpatrick Stockton, where the company was cited for existing landscaping timbers that had not been approved.  Kilpatrick Stockton had applied for a COA, which was turned down.  They appealed so that they could have time to prepare an appropriate plan.  Kilpatrick Stockton had shown George their proposal, which includes replacing the timbers with poured concrete and plantings that will eventually cover the concrete, and adding an island (with plantings) to narrow the driveway.  This proposal fits with the HRC’s request, and George’s recommendation is that the WEA support the proposal, since it answers exactly what the WEA said it would like to see.  David Poythress asked what the HRC’s staff’s recommendations were, but Lisa Elam noted that there were no HRC staff recommendations.  Lisa Elam noted that the proposal will not be part of the HRC agenda until the July meeting.


Welcome Baskets:  Marilyn Poorbaugh reported that she has the “paper” ingredients ready for all the baskets (letter of welcome, HDO guidelines, etc.), and is getting discounts, etc from area businesses to include.  She asked that she be given names and addresses of any new West End residents so the baskets can be delivered when they are ready.


WEA Long Range Plan and Survey Results:  George distributed results from the West End survey that was distributed in the newsletter and on-line (copy attached to secretary’s copy of minutes).  He reported that surveys were received from about 35-40 residents, as well as about 18 board members.  George has recorded the results from the surveys as these were written, to keep the “flavor” of the answers.  He said that while it was not easy to combine the results for a score, but as best he could score, the results are as follows:

1.       Pay attention to Burke St. and Unity Place development

2.       Address safety issues (lighting, crime, traffic)

3.       Preservation of historical structures

4.       Tie between:  Address issues of noise (bars, dumpsters, highway), and Beautification of area (empty lots, etc)

5.       Increase awareness of and participation in West End

6.       Tie between:  Traffic calming, and Establishing underground utility lines

7.       Review of historic district overlay guidelines and enforcement

8.       Tie between:  Legislative advocacy against destruction of historic structures, and Get involved in downtown development

9.       West End entry projects (cobblestone strips, signs, etc.)

10.   Backzoning to single-family properties

11.   Promote West End Association within our community


Using these rankings, the WEA board will look at this list for the projects that need to be addressed.  The next step will be to take the priorities, assess them, and begin to craft the WEA’s 3-5 year long-range plan.


Kathleen Ramich asked about possibility of a sign/kiosk in Grace Court Park that could be a place to advertise events in neighborhood.  Lisa Elam noted that when the clock was erected in Grace Court Park, the city officials responsible did so with the caveat that “not much else would be allowed to crowd the park.”  Lisa noted that Washington Park area has such boards in their park which are used a great deal.


Crime Report:  George reported that only seven incidents were reported in the last month, down greatly from the previous month.  Only one incident has not been closed, and there was a question of whether this incident is really in the West End area. 


House Plaques:  David Poythress reported that the house plaques will be $115 each.  Any plaques that cost more (because of lengthy house names) will be subsidized by WEA.  The first set of plaques manufactured will go to the homes from the 2000 Homes Tour.  He explained that if a house is on the West End Historic Nominations list as a contributing structure, the house can post a sign.  He will contact all West End residents who have expressed interest to prepare next order.  A deposit of $60 is required with the order.  The manufacturer requires a minimum order of 25 signs.


West End ArtsFEST:  Kathleen Ramich reported on the plans for the Saturday, September 27 event to be held in Grace Court Park.  She and Kathy Stanley have prepared a budget which they will present at the next WEA board meeting for approval.  They are preparing applications for area artists.  They have talked with Wanda Merschel, who chaired the last event, to see the best ways to suggest street closings that still allow traffic to pass.  They have contacted Kilpatrick Stockton to ask about using their parking lots for parking and placement of portable toilets. 


Historic District Guideline Review:  Lisa Elam reported that she has met with Michelle McCullough, who has a tentative schedule set for the review, which would include 20 meetings, with one every other week.  Michelle has also proposed the committee’s membership.  Lisa said she has stressed to Michelle the need for time for comments so that residents know the agenda in advance and can submit ideas.  She thinks that Michelle’s plan is to announce the review committee at the July HRC meeting and begin the meetings that month.  Michelle has records of past cases that can help the committee see where problems have arisen over wording in the current guidelines.  David Poythress asked that once the committee is finished, what happens then?  Lisa said that any document from the committee and HRC would come to the WEA for comments, then go to the City Council for approval.  There would be time for amendments and public hearings.


HRC Agenda:  Lisa Elam noted that the next meeting is Wednesday, June 4.  The agenda items will include: 

·         A sign for “Imagine Flowers” business located in the old Summit School building on Summit St. She displayed a drawing of the proposed sign which meets guidelines and seems to conform with other signs.  There were no concerns from the meeting about the sign.

·         The City of Winston-Salem wants a COA for the temporary fence that is already erected in Hanes Park.  There was much discussion of what would constitute an “annual” COA for such a structure.  It was noted by attendees that because the park is owned by the city and the schools, there are problems about the issues.  There are agreements in place, made long ago, that note that all groups in question (Y, school, neighborhood) should agree with use of the park and structures placed there.  There were also questions about the other  fence that had been placed at the boy’s softball field at the other end of the park.  John Merschel moved that the West End Association opposes both fences that have been installed in Hanes Park.  The fences that have been installed should be removed immediately, and any fences erected in the future on a ‘temporary basis’ should be removed immediately after the event for which they are installed.  Steve Joiner noted that the playing fields in the park are not being used by the casual groups of football and ultimate frisbee players since the installation of the fence.  The motion was seconded.  There was discussion, and it was decided to amend the motion to include:  “Additionally, the West End Association has noted a reduction in the use of the open playing fields of the park by the general public since the installation of the ‘temporary fence’ near the YMCA.”  The motion, with the amendment, passed unanimously.

·         Update on Jarvis Alley fence, which is still standing.  Lisa noted that the city has not acted yet, because annexation issues have preempted further actions

·         Summit St. timbers at MacKenzie law firm – Lisa noted that she had expected Heather MacKenzie to attend the WEA meeting tonight, as she wanted to hear the plans for the Kilpatrick Stockton replacement.


Announcements:  George made the following announcements:

·         Tom Elmore of the Fellowship House sent flyers inviting residents to an Open House on June 19

·         The Beagle Bar and Grill has closed and the building is now up for lease, if anyone knows a good business to put there

·         City Beverage and the Auction House Bar and Grill are hosting a special dinner and wine tasting on June 11

·         The board would like ideas on how to make the Downtown Park safe and attractive.  It has become a haven for transients.

·         Ellen Yarborough had sent an e-mail about a house in West Salem that is available for a good price.  The house needs to be purchased by someone who can help the area.

·         Larry Schooler announced that he will have an article in an upcoming The Next American City journal, which is about the West End.  He encouraged anyone interested to contact him to get a copy.



The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Lee Ann Manning, Secretary