West End Association

Association Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2004


The association meeting began at 7:00 pm at the Tise House.


Board Members in Attendance: George Bryan & Ann Doherty, Steve Joiner, Bud & Barbara Goldsmith, Dave & Marilyn Poorbaugh, Linda Kirby, David Poythress, Toni Phillips, Larry Schooler, Susan Hutson & Reidar Wallin, Karen Durell, and Lee Ann Manning.


Announcements: George Bryan asked if any newcomers would like to introduce themselves:  Jack and Mary Margaret Smith.


Minutes:  Lee Ann Manning asked if there were any corrections to the minutes as distributed.  There were no corrections and the minutes were accepted unanimously as presented.


Newsletter:  George thanked Amy Lindsey, who could not attend, for her work on the WEA newsletter.  There are some problems with various areas of the West End not receiving newsletters or receiving the newsletters too late for notice of meetings.


Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Joiner distributed copies of the current financial report.  He pointed out that 18 businesses have already renewed business ads and that orders for house plaques are included in the current WEA account.  It is time for membership renewals.  George will send e-mails to WEA members and residents reminding them to renew memberships.  George noted that the WEA would like to use some of its holdings for purchases to help the West End area.  Ideas suggested so far have included:  trees, work on various parks in area.  Kathleen Ramich asked about the status of the suggestion of new “gateways” to the West End, which was suggested earlier.  George noted that with the change in leadership at the Parks and Recreation department, we need to revisit those suggestions with the new director.


George also pointed out that recently, three large sycamore trees have been cut down in Hanes Park.  Tim Grant, the new Parks and Rec director, said that three “in memory” cherry trees have been planted.  George noted that after one of the large hurricanes, there was a master plan for planting trees in the park, but he didn’t know if these cherry trees are part of that plan, or just random plantings.  He said that the WEA board would entertain ideas for any suggestions on the best ways for the WEA to use some of the cash on hand.


There was a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, which passed unanimously.


Crime Watch Report:  Officer Cobb distributed copies of the past month’s crime report and noted that this recent report is much shorter than past reports.  Three house breakings are still open.  He did point out that the most serious crime on the report, an armed robbery on Carolina, has been closed.  The suspect was arrested later that evening on Fourth St.  Police are preparing data to show crime statistics for entire city, so he will bring that information when it is ready.  He noted that there has been a general decline in crime lately, but he sees a surge beginning. 


He said that officers had followed up with the consignment shop owners on Reynolda Rd.  There is some question whether a case involving personal goods sold to one of the shops will be prosecuted. 


He reported that off-duty officers at the Burke St. bars helped hold down problems in that area during the holidays.


The attendees shared various events and questions, including:

Ÿ         Bill Wise reported getting a phone call from someone sounding like he was working in a official capacity, saying “you have three cars in your front yard, and I’ll be there in the morning to serve the summons.”  Bill said no one appeared the next day.  Officer Cobb said that if there is ever a question about whether a caller is legitimate on official police or other business, to call 911 while the person is there, and ask an officer to come immediately.

Ÿ         There were many questions about parking problems on Summit St., many of which are caused by the additional cars of construction workers at St. Paul’s.  They have been asked to park in the church lot, but that doesn’t last long.

Ÿ         One resident asked Officer Cobb to elaborate on street parking.  Officer Cobb noted that all parking on streets is public parking; no one “owns” the parking in front of their houses.  There was some discussion about problems in past with downtown workers parking in front of houses; the businesses have encouraged their workers to park in appropriate decks.

Ÿ         There was a question about the number of cars that can be parked on property.  There is a limit of one car without tags (and no “weeds growing in it”!) per property; no limit of cars with current tags.


Officer Cobb noted that the city saw more traffic-related deaths last year than homicides.  The city is getting ready to kick off a major campaign to cut down on speeding and traffic violations, so he reminded attendees to stick to speed limit, especially near schools and Reynolda Rd.


Social Committee:  Ann Doherty proposed the idea of a winter potluck for February.  She would like someone to volunteer their home.


House Plaque Update:  David Poythress noted that he has enough orders to place another house plaque order, so he’s reviewing to see if any deposits are needed from past orders.


Historic Resources Commission Meeting:  George noted that the HRC meeting agenda was posted in the newsletter; he asked if there were any issues.  David Elam noted that it looks like everything for the upcoming meeting is pretty straight forward.  George noted that it looks like the Freeman House (the grey house behind the YMCA and owned by the Y) is being vacated by renters and that some architectural items have been salvaged from the house.  He is afraid that it is being prepared to be demolished by the Y.  George had sent a letter to Y president Tom Looby, volunteering the WEA’s help in landscaping that corner, but George had heard nothing from him.  George also noted that the YMCA offices on Fourth St. have been sold to a lawyer.  The Y offices are being moved to a non-profit floor at the Winston Tower.


Realty Issues:  George had e-mailed an update, prepared by Billye Keith Jones, showing recent average sales and rental prices of property in the West End.  The average West End property is for sale an average of 16 days.


Safety:  Bill Wise reminded attendees of candle safety.  During the holidays, his family had candles that did not burn equally due to poor manufacture.  Without supervision, these could have caused a fire.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Lee Ann Manning