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Association Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2003

The association meeting began at 7:05 pm at the Tise House.

2002 Board members attending:   George Bryan, Ann Doherty, Linda Kirby, Steve Joiner, Bill Gibson, David Poythress, Lee Ann Manning, Andrea and Stuart Thomas, and Jack Campbell.

Announcements: George Bryan announced the following:

This is the first WEA meeting after Krispy Kreme’s announcement of Unity Place to be built at Fourth and Broad Sts.  George noted that there will be much more information to come regarding this development.  Tom Calloway, architect for the proposed complex, has invited WEA board members to a meeting to discuss more specifics.  George proposed that when Krispy Kreme and Calloway have more info ready, he would like to invite them to a WEA meeting to discuss.  He reminded the WEA members to think about how this development might work with the South Central Area Plans’ suggestions for infill areas, etc.  We need to be proactive with any ideas and concerns about the proposals to come.

Approval of Minutes from January Meeting:  Lee Ann Manning asked if there were any corrections to the minutes as provided. None were made.  Motion was made to accept as presented; seconded, and passed unanimously. 

Membership/Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Joiner distributed financial reports.  He noted that 49 residential members have already submitted 2003 dues, and he believes this surpasses the number of memberships to date in 2002.  He pointed out that from the total assets on the report, about $2500 is still to be disbursed.  Steve noted that the current number of business members almost equals residential members to date, and that the memberships to date include 10 new members.

Business Report:  Linda Kirby reported that the newsletter is in good shape in regards to the number of regular advertisers, but that no flyers have been sold for the remaining newsletters for the year.  She encouraged residents to let businesses know that they saw their ads in the WEA newsletter.  She noted some new businesses in area as possible advertisers.

John Merschel asked that with the cash on hand in the WEA account, how the WEA plans to spend the money?  George agreed that the WEA is now in position to take on projects to beautify area.  He asked members to suggest ideas for projects (trees, traffic islands, etc.)  He said that David Elam had suggested that as the Historic Resources Commission doesn’t have funds for revisions to the historic overlay, that the WEA might consider helping fund those costs.  Bill Gibson suggested that WEA might help property owners along Burke St/Fourth St to purchase fences, plants, etc. to screen homes from businesses on Burke St.

Social Committee:  Ann Doherty reminded everyone that the February social will be held on Friday, Feb. 7 from 6-8pm at the home of Susan Hutson and Reidar Wallin at the corner of Fourth and Forsyth Sts.  Children are welcome.  This will also be the date of the Gallery Hop on Trade and 6th Sts.

Nominating Committee:  Bill Gibson reported that the Nominating Committee is preparing a slate of 8 incoming board members based on the terms and rotation outlined in the bylaws.  The committee members are contacting the nominees and will communicate the slate to the members and board via e-mail and the March newsletter.  The slate will be voted on at the March meeting.  He encouraged members to attend the March meeting and vote, including changing the slate as they may deem necessary to add other nominees.

Newsletter:  George thanked Andrea Thomas for her work on the newsletter.  Andrea added that she is always looking for new ideas, so let her know if you have suggestions.

Police Report:  George reported that a suspect in the car break-ins confessed.  George passed around the past month’s crime map and listing, noting that for the most part, there were fewer incidents in all categories.  A total of three arrests have been made in car and home break-ins in the city lately.

February 4, 2003

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Peters Creek Toxicity Report:  George noted that the city let him know that in the report the WEA received about the lab results, the decimal point was misplaced.  The correct reading should be 8 times higher than normal, not 80.  Amy Lindsey and George have been researching businesses that release into Peters Creek, but they are having trouble contacting all the offices involved and getting to all the records.  They will continue updating the WEA as they get more information.

City’s Code Violations:  George reminded attendees of an item from an earlier meeting noting the city’s new approach to code violations.  The city is compiling a list of the 10 “top” violations they find in each area.  George had invited the city representatives to a WEA meeting to discuss how they compile this list and other issues relating to the violations.  From the City of Winston-Salem, he introduced Rae Jessup, community services advisor, and Jacki Sims, housing inspector.  Following are highlights from their presentations and questions that were asked.

Rae Jessup discussed:

·         There are three divisions they work with:  Code enforcement, rehab, and community services

·         For code enforcement, city is divided in 15 different strategy areas

·         The community services area works to find out what problems are in neighborhood and how they can help residents find answers (e.g., if a resident doesn’t know what division to call, or has trouble with assistance from a city office, the community services advisor will help solve problem)

·         Each strategy area has an inspector

·         Each community services advisor is responsible for about 4 wards

·         She explained that Jackie Sims is filling in for the West End’s regular inspector Marty Rothrock, who is away on medical leave.

·         She noted that the areas on the violations list are those that the inspector saw … she explained how important it is for the neighborhood to let the inspector know of other areas that inspector missed that should be added to list.

·         Questions included what city area Rae is in (Housing Services) and to whom problems with multi-family recycling and garbage bins should be directed (let community services advisor know; they will contact property owner, who should require tenants to clean up trash)

Jackie Sims discussed:

·         She explained that Housing and Neighborhood Services takes care of problems such as high weeds, abandoned vehicles, environmental issues, etc)

·         She listed 10 “hot spots” that have been identified for violations in our area

·         The housing inspectors look for violations inside houses, such as peeling paint, leaking pipes.etc.  Usually inspectors are invited in multi-family dwellings by tenants, so it’s easy to find violations. 

·         For owner-occupied dwellings, if owner will not let inspector inside the property, the inspector must get an administrative warrant to get inside to inspect.

·         Questions about:  Contributing historic structures that in past have been slated for demolition if deemed unfit and owner would not bring to code; what is current policy?  Suggestion had been for city take over property if owner would not bring to code, then city could sell property, etc.  (Board of Aldermen must make decision on demolishing any contributing structure.); About lots with high grass owned by businesses such as Duke Power; are they held to same guidelines as individual property owners (yes); and About whether kudzu counts as high grass (guidelines on grass heights apply to specified feet into property only, not on acreage, and since kudzu usually reigns on full lots, guidelines don’t apply usually).

Jackie asked if there are areas of concern that attendees would like to add to the list she presented.  The following areas were mentioned:

·         Vacant lot near 1211 W. 4th St.

·         Trash around Rubber Soul club on Burke St.

·         1st St. east

February 4, 2003

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Questions asked included:  Whether houses in foreclosure are handled differently if in violation, is a lien put on property? (city does whatever is required, such as cut grass, etc., then bills owner.  If owner cannot be found, lien is put on property); If stone retaining walls must follow code enforcement (yes); What can be put into yard carts and piles of branches on street (branches must be no larger than 6’x6”; yard carts can only contain grass clippings, small twigs, leaves).

Jackie noted that a decision has not yet been made as to whether the city will offer bulky item pick-up.

George suggested that the next WEA newsletter include phone numbers of the departments so that West End residents can call with specific questions.  He also noted that the city now has equipment that can test lead in paint and asked if it would be beneficial to invite someone to a future WEA meeting to discuss this service.

Historic Resources Commission:  The next meeting will include the issue of the alley on Jarvis. 

Area Business Update:  Burke Street Pizza is planning a “soft opening” in the next week or so.  They plan to have eat-in and pick-up service right now.

Industrial Area Foundation Conference:  Ellen Yarborough announced that the IAF delegates’ assembly will be on March 6, from 7-8:30pm.  Ellen noted that a large turnout is needed and asked all to participate.


·         Dewey and Ellen Yarborough are selling their home on Brookstown in preparation for a move to Arbor Acres.

·         Property identified as “fixer upper” on Piedmont is for sale.  WEA needs to be proactive and watch what happens with this property.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Ann Manning