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The West End Historic District overlay issue list for the HDC

We have been asked by the HDC to compile a list of work done on properties that differs from what is allowed by the guidelines. To help in this process we have created this interactive list. Please fill out the form below to help the HDC in compiling this list. Their plan is to address the issues this year.

Description of issues example(Window replacement, large tree remove or siding installation)
Address example (114 Piedmont av.)
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As West Enders we are all trying to preserve and improve our homes and property. This preservation and improvement should be done along the guidelines that we all have agreed to in the Historic Overlay Guidelines

If you have noticed preservation or improvements around the community that might fall outside of these guidelines or were done and may conflict with the guidelines please list these items below. These items might include changes to a home, yard, fencing, cutting trees over a certain width, paving, removing curbing, walls, windows, etc.. Many new changes to homes and property in the West End require a Certificate Of Appropriateness from the Historic District Commission BEFORE they are begun. This is very similar to making changes in Old Salem. The items you list are simply items that may need to be reviewed to see if the current guidelines apply. We hope that this process is done in the spirit of improving our neighborhood and preserving the historic nature which has helped all of us in the West End and Winston-Salem overall. Thank You