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April 1999

APRIL 1999


The March meeting had a good turnout to hear a presentation by Mr. Brian Cormier of the YMCA. Mr. Cormier spoke about plans for development of an aquatic center by the Y somewhere in Forsyth County. Their current plan for such a center is at the Central Y location in the West End, but that is not his preferred location. The Y does, however, feel the need for additional parking at the Central Y, regardless of whether any additions are made to that location. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Cormier and the Y staff to keep us informed and engaged in any decision-making about major alterations to the Central Y location. Below is a list of his answers to four areas of questions about the aquatic center drafted by a committee from our Association. A map of the current site proposal will be available for review at the April meeting for those who missed it last month.

Impact on the Central YMCA location:
Proposed size of the facility: 200' x 120' - 24,000 sq. ft.
Orientation to the existing site: see plan.
Number of parking spaces lost by new construction: (wash) # lost = # gained
Number of additional parking spaces required by new construction: anticipate 50 based on      previous exp. (checking with city)
Anticipated number of parking variances to be requested: would need same
Proposed demolition of residential properties owned by the YMCA: 6 to 9 months to relocate or     remove

Anticipated Usage of Aquatic Center
Number of Schools Using facility for practice purposes and proposed schedule for such use: 2 or     3 from Nov through Feb (High School Season) 2:30 to 5:00 pm
Number and frequency of anticipated special events: 6 per year and High School meets on      Tuesdays and Thursdays for maximum eight weeks during the season
Hours and duration of special events (will such use coincide with current peak hours?): HS meets     3:00-5:00 pm (non-peak); 6 larger events on weekends (not during YBA or tennis tour)
Incremental increase in number of people using the facility versus current usage figures for     Central YMCA: Current membership range 6,000-6,500. Numbers would be within this range for     foreseeable future.

Feasibility Study for Alternative Locations
Has one been done? Yes (WF branch) (KV branch) (WL branch) (NF branch)
Are there comparable facilities in comparable cities? Yes, Greensboro, Charlotte, Orlando, RTP
If such facilities exist, is financial information regarding their operations available? To some extent

Has the national YMCA been approached to fund a feasibility study? We have done one for Central and West Forsyth locations. Financial justification for the conclusion that a stand-alone facility will not work, including comparable financial data from comparable facilities in comparable cities: Difficult to compare (facilities have either failed or are subsidized or in larger cities)

Have alternative funding options, such as area development incentives and tax subsidies, been considered? Not our role, but based on recent experience with Ice Rink, Omni, and Baseball, we think this is not a good idea

If a stand-alone facility is not feasible, whether the aquatic center would be better located at a less burdened site, such as Clemmons or Winston Lake. Point of Discussion: Would we be able to get community and school support for such a regional center?

Impact on the West End neighborhood
Plans to close Sunset Street
Impact on traffic flow - to be done, Brent McKinney (City of Winston-Salem Engineering Dept.)
Justification for Closing - Park and YMCA needs
Anticipated changes in traffic flow and parking requirements - closing of Sunset (needed anyway)
Anticipated increase in noise and late-evening usage of Central YMCA facility - none
Anticipated change in number of general memberships at Central YMCA- addressed above
Proposed demolition of residential properties owned by YMCA - addressed above
Proposed changes to landscaping on Glade Street and other residential areas surrounding the facility - will enhance the area, # of trees, bushes, etc.
Visual impact from Glade Street, Sunset Street and Hanes Park - to be addressed with neighbors and design folks


Mark May 12 on your calendar. At 12 noon in Grace Court,West End will host a city-wide celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Winston. The event will coincide with the announcement of the West End Community Fund to finish funding our neighborhood's Historic District Signage (the prototype is here and looks great!) and a Town Clock in Grace Court Watch next month's newsletter for complete details on the event and how you can help the Fund.

Thanks to those who have paid their 1999 West End Association dues. A listing will be in next month's newsletter. Thanks for the support. And you can still pay current year dues if you haven't yet done so. We haven't given away the toaster yet!

Any suggestions for programs or monthly speakers, please let Eric Elliott know. May's meeting will feature a presentation on the history of the West End - and a chance for you to get a copy of the history of your house - straight from the pages of the official National Historic Registry survey of our neighborhood, done in 1986.

Don't forget about the Bulky Item Pickup, which starts this week for certain areas of the West End. You should have received a notice from the city. Call 727-2638 for more information.
The next meeting, will be Tuesday, April 6th 1999 at Brunson Elementary School cafeteria from 7:00 to 8:45. Everyone is invited. This month's West End meeting features Brian Cole of Winston-Salem Events, the group responsible for promoting downtown fun like Fourth Street Jazz and Alive After Five. Come here Brian talk about what's going on near our neighborhood this spring and summer. Just another advantage to living in the West End - great entertainment nearby! Also, a portion of April's meeting will be devoted to our assessment of the meeting with the Y last month.

CrimeTIP Information Line 607-7260


The following three (3) applications for the West End Overlay District will be reviewed by the Historic District Commission at the April 7, 1999 meeting:

Lee Hendrix - Former West End Cafe Building
878 West Fourth Street
Installation of signage on the west and north elevations

James and Allison Chrapek - Bost-Dunnagan House
1033 West End Boulevard
Installation of canvas awnings on rear of structure; Extension of rear deck; Installation of brick patio in rear yard; and, replacement of chain link drive fence/gate with wood picket fence/gate
David Phillips & Tonya L. McClamrock - Duplex
1216-1218 West First Street
Installation of exterior deck, stairs, and entrances on the side elevations; Relocation of side
windows to the rear elevation; and, Installation of parking in the rear yard


Kristen N. and Matthew D. Lauten - James House
923 West End Boulevard
Replacement of roof shingles with new shingles of differing color and installation of soffet vents
Grover C. McNair, Jr., - Dunstan-McNair House
749 Summit Street
Replacement of the existing slate roof with new fiberglass shingles

Augsburg Lutheran Church, Applicant
Augsburg Lutheran Church & H.H. Labberton House
845 & 847 West Fifth Street
Construction of new addition to 845 West Fifth Street
YMCA of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc., Applicant
Brannock House, Julius S. Bergman House, and Crichton-Atkinson House
719, 725, & 731 West End Boulevard
Removal of houses and installation of parking lot
This particular item is should concern all West End residents. Demolition of structurally-sound historic homes for a parking lot will not be beneficial to our neighborhood. I encourage all to attend the next meeting and voice your opposition to this proposed action.
The following is a list of the Certificate of Appropriateness applications reviewed by the Winston-Salem Historic Commission last month (March 03, 1999). The Commission's vote on each application is shown in italics - West End Historic Overlay District

Craig T. Dishner - Perry-Kester House
1404 Brookstown Avenue
Miscellaneous Alterations and Additions to the Rear Drive and Deck
Commission voted to Approve as Submitted

City of Winston-Salem, Applicant
Right-of-Way Areas Adjacent to
700 Summit Street and 709 Manly Street
Removal of Two Trees
Commission voted to Approve with Conditions

Remember, if you are planning any exterior additions or improvements, you must have an approved COA prior to the work. Contact Robbie King at 727-2087 for more information. Also, there are N.C. tax credits for home improvement for homes in the National Historic Register - contact Robin Stancil-Walton at 919-733-6547 for more information.
The Historic District Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:00 PM in the Board of Alderman Chamber, 2nd Floor of City Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

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