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March 1999

MARCH 1999

33 people, including 2 Winston-Salem police officers, attended the February meeting. The officers gave reported on crimes that occurred in the downtown area.
In January, Jim Vaughan, on behalf of the West End Association, accepted a resolution from the Winston-Salem Board of Alderman in recognition of the importance of the Association. The plaque is now on display at the West End Cafe, one of the great neighborhood eateries. Check it out!
Elections were held for open positions for Officers and Board members. The nominations were unanimously accepted in toto. Congratulations to the following elected members:
President: Eric Elliot 724-4913
Second Vice President: Jim Vaughan 724-4579
Vice President: David & Lisa Elam 724-5282

Board of Directors:

John Hauser 761-8760
Alice Bullock & Jay Foster 722-8151
Bud & Barbara Goldsmith 766-7283
Billye Keith Jones 723-1771
David Poythress 724-0922
Kathleen Ramich 723-9207
Warren & Becky Sparrow 725-8953
Kathy Otterbourg 724-7004

The following Standing Committee Reports were presented: Government Board Liaison, Parks & Recreation, Signage, Traffic and Economic Development. All of these committees have made important contributions to the neighborhood and still need participants. Come to the meetings and get involved in the West End!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 2nd 1999 at Brunson Elementary School cafeteria from 7:00 to 8:45. Everyone is invited. Brian Cormier, the chief executive of the Winston-Salem YMCA, will be making a presentation concerning the proposed Aquatic Center. Hopefully, he will address questions covered in the letter Jim Vaughan sent last October. This presentation should be very informative.

CrimeTIP Information Line 607-7260


The following two (2) applications for the West End will be reviewed by the Historic District Commission at the March 3, 1999 meeting:

Craig T. Dishner, Applicant
Perry-Kester House
1404 Brookstown Avenue
Miscellaneous Alterations and Additions to the Rear Drive and Deck
Staff Recommendation: Approval as Submitted

City of Winston-Salem, Applicant
Right-of-Way Areas Adjacent to
700 Summit Street and 709 Manly Street
Removal of Two Trees
Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

Remember, if you are planning any exterior additions or improvements, you must have an approved COA prior to the work. Contact Robbie King at 727-2087 for more information. Also, there are N.C. tax credits for home improvement for homes in the National Historic Register - contact Robin Stancil-Walton at 919-733-6547 for more information.
The Historic District Commission meets every month at 5:00 PM in the Board of Alderman Chamber, 2nd Floor of City Hall. These meetings are open to the public.


COMMUNITY ROOTS DAY 1999 will take place on Saturday, March 27 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Join the other adults and kids in planning over 200 trees along the major streets of West Salem neighborhood on the morning of March 27th. Call Nancy Day at 727-2087 for more information and to sign up yourself or your group. This event is sponsored by the Community Appearance Commission and City Roadway Appearance Division.

The annual meeting for the African American Network on Historic Preservation is to be held in Winston-Salem on March 12 & 13. Contact Robbie King at 727- 2087 for more information.

I NEED INPUT!! My limited writing skills are drying up due to LOI (Lack of Information)! I know there are people in the West End, young and old with ideas and opinions about a variety of issues concerning the neighborhood. Give me a call, send me an e-mail or mail your submissions for this newsletter. The newsletter goes to press (Kinko's) on the Friday or Saturday before the end of each month. The West End would like to hear what you have to say.

The membership drive is still on! Join the West End Association - the dues are only $15.00 and not only help funds our ideas, but pays for the printing of this newsletter.


18 to 35 years old? Wondering what to do on the weekends? "Smitty's Community Notes" is your source of information for entertainment and other events of interest. This e-mail update is compiled by Jeff Smith, who is probably the informed person in Winston-Salem about what's happenin'. He started this as a way to keep his friends up-to-date on current events, via the Web. Mary Giunca mentioned him in the Winston-Salem journal and his e-mail list tripled! To get a weekly e-mail of events of interest to the 18-35 crowd, send your request to There is also an online edition at

The new West End Association has a slick web site at the following address: This site is maintained by David Elam and has archives of newletters, information on the N.C. Historic Tax Credit, and other interesting tidbits about our neighborhood. Bookmark now!


Blanton House - 276 West End Blvd.
circa 1912

The Blanton House is a one-and-a-half-story frame dwelling which is architecturally striking because of its unusual bellcast clipped gable roof, giving it a pagoda-like feeling. The house has a large hipped front dormer and a full facade porch. In mid-century the house was sheathed with asbestos shingles, but it still plays a contributing role in the architectural character of the neighborhood. Like many houses in the West end, this one has a stone retaining wall at the sidewalk and stone steps into the yard. The first city directory listing for the house was in 1913, when Fred and Della Hinshaw were listed here, but by 1918 William C. and Helen Blanton were occupying the property, which they continued to do until at least 1930.

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