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October 1998


The YMCA has decided to build their Aquatic Center at the West End location, rather than downtown as mentioned in the Downtown Development Plan. In all fairness to the YMCA, the plan is a guide with recommendations for revitalization of down town Winston-Salem, not a binding document. However, it came as quite a surprise to many West End residents to read about the proposed changes to the YMCA and the tone of the article in the Journal. We were characterized as"tradition-bound"and not willing to permit any changes to the existing YMCA facilities. Most West Enders don't oppose the upgrades to the YMCA that benefit the community, heck a lot of us belong to the "Y". The main concern is the addition of a 20,000 sq. f t. structure and conversion of a vital street to a parking lot. I wonder if the West End is being used by the YMCA as a political tool to get either more money or an alternate location outside Winston-Salem? Time will tell. West End Association President Jim Vaughan and Vice President Lisa Elam spoke to YMCA President Brian Cormier the about the proposed aquatic center. They will give a report at the our next meeting on Tuesday, October 6.


Twenty-eight people attended the September meeting. Two Winston-Salem bicycle patrol officers were also at the meeting. A solution to the parking problem on Summit Street is getting close to a resolution. The city is in the process of evaluating the number of nonresidents parking in that area. The Historic District Signage project is moving along - quotes are being solicited for various styles and materials. Currently, an aluminum sign is being considered for use. The YMCA Aquatic Center was discussed. At the time very little information on the plans was available. Progress on the West End Holiday Home Tour is moving at a quick pace. To date, seven homes are on the tour. They are: Brad Beach & Mike DeWitt, Kerry & Ann McLeod, Jackie & Tom Pittman, Douglas & Polly Pugh, Kathleen & James Ramich, Jim & Missie Vaughan, and Terry & Gray Walts. Tentatively, Nina Dorman has agreed to putting her home on the tour. West End resident Don Mikush, owner of MCreative, Inc. (631-9666) is producing the programs, tickets and other promotional materials. M Creative does graphic design and communications. West End resident Kristen Tetrault, owner of Earth Angels (725-3330) is donating her time to photograph the homes for the programs. Earth Angels specializes in black-and-white and hand-colo red art portraits. The YWCA will provide staff and activities for children of various ages during Home Tour hours.


Helene received this e-mail from a reader: I'm glad to see, from the West Ender, that something is being done about the Wachovia parking problem. I wonder if you have any advice for us. We live near the point where West End intersects Broad St. at the top of Spring Park. The situatio n hadn't been particularly bad here until the street work began this summer on Sixth St., but since that work began we've had upwards of 15 cars, usually more like 20, parked during the day on the curve in front of our house. This has been more than just an inconvenience this summer, because on at least one occasion workmen weren't able to get their equipment close enough to the house to proceed with their work. It is always an inconvenience, because when I come home during the day, I cannot park near my house. My concern is that this problem - which no doubt will get even worse if permit parking is instituted on 6th, 5th and Summit - will remain fairly invisible, since in fact only three households are affected.  Anyway, I write just to see! whether you have any ideas I might pursue. Thanks.

Name and Address withheld on request From Mary Ann Sevick. Don't you absolutely hate putting your pets into a kennel when you travel? If you are like me, you worry about them constantly. You imagine them trying to get a good night's sleep in a cold hard cage, surrounded by unfamiliar smells and noises. We have three cats to worry about. One of them, "Kisiek," is an 18 year-old, arthritic character who has never been in a kennel because, I am convinced, that if we left her in such a place she would starve herself out of spite. We always hire pet sifters who treat the cats quite well. However, Kisiek has an anger problem and often, as soon as we leave, she runs from bathroom to bathroom shredding all of the toilet paper. The boys ("George" and "Tuko") are much more docile - but need lots of affection. This year for our summer vacation we hired a local West End resident, Jeanette Fouche (727-6498), to care for our critters. On our return, we were surprised to find that, not only was the toilet paper intact, but Kisiek (who is beginning to have difficulty ambulating) appeared to be walking better. When I called this to the Jeanette's attention, she admitted to giving Kisiek therapeutic massages in our absence. She had charmed the fellows as well. In addition to being highly sensitive to pets, Jeanette is an artist. She uses objects from nature and, through her art reveals the character of these natural objects. Jeanette has used her "Earth Art" to help people who are struggling through personal crises because, she says, in the process of revealing the character of natural objects people discover a great deal about themselves as well. If you would like to see how Jeanette connects with animate (your pets) or inanimate nature (through her art), I suggest you give her all call.

From Wanda Merschel: The Woman's Club is having a porch sale on Saturday, October 24 from 8:OOAM to 2:00 PM. There is space available for West End residents for $25.00 per person, which includes advertising and "carry off"after the sale. Contact Patricia Cole at 924-1595 or Evelyn Fletcher at 722-6498. This event is a great way to have a garage/yard/porch sale since some West End homes are lacking a garage/yard/porch. Come on out and show your support.

CrimeTIP Information Line 907-7200

The following CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS APPLICATIONS for the West End will be reviewed at the Historic District Commission Meeting on October 7, 5:00 PM at City Hall, 2nd Floor in the Board of Alderman Chambers. The meetings are open to the public.

West End Historic Overlay District

Ms. Iris Willard, Applicant Ms.Dawn C. Whitley,
Applicant Herring-Sparks House Maude D. Miller House
1254 West Fourth Street 554 Buxton Street

Application of a cement coating on two chimneys Demolition of c. 1950
garage in rear yard

Mr. Harry L. Callahan, Applicant Ms. Elizabeth B. Melton,
Applicant Lawrence-Shore-Byerly House James M. Lentz House
1228 Glade Street 668 North Spring Street

Construction of a three story addition Continued from August 5, 1998 meeting:
1) After the Fact installation of vinyl replacement windows on all elevations of the first floor
2) Proposed installation of vinyl replacement windows on allelevations of the second floor

The next West End Association meeting will be at the Brunson Elementary School
cafeteria from 7:00 to 8:45 PM. Meetings are open to all West End residents.


The flavors and textures of European-style breads have come to Winston-Salem, when Ollie's Bakery opened in what used to be the Indera Mills Factory Outlet Store at 300 South Marshall Street. The city at last will be able to enjoy crusty baguettes, real sourdoughs and robust chewy country loaves. In addition to a daily bread selection that also includes rye and whole wheat varieties, such morning treats as sticky buns, scones and almond brioche toasts are available.

The bakery  also offers such other varieties of breads such as semolina, walnut and multigrain. Ollie's Bakery is owned and operated by West End resident Gordon Sparber, a lifelong baking enthusiast who decided a year ago to take the plunge and open shop. As a student, Sparber worked in the dining rooms and kitchens of several restaurants in Baltimore. In 1992, Gordon and a partner created Caffe Presto, the first espresso The centerpiece of Ollie's Bakery is the production area, with its massive, French-made Pavailler deck oven. There is limited indoor and outdoor seating for those who like to enjoy a sweet and perhaps a cup of coffee. Store hours are from Tuesday -Friday 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Saturday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, closed on Monday.


J.D. Slawter House - circa 1918 1225 Forsyth St.

The Slawter House is a handsome and well-preserved bungalow, one of the finer examples of the style in the West End. The one-and-a-half-story house is distinguished by its bold granite front porch details (corner plinths, balustrade, and splayed front step enclosures) and off-center gable end chimney which contrast with the weatherboard siding of the first story and the wood shingle siding of the upper story. The house is also characterized by a broad gable roof with overhanging brackets eaves, a matching wood shingled front dormer, and hoods over the upper story windows. From 191 O's through a least 1920, the house was listed as the residence of attorney J.D. Slawter and his wife, Carrie. In 1924 it was purchased by Mrs.J W. Hanes (Anne) and rented for the next decade to G.D. and Effie Hodgin. The house remained in the ownership of Mrs.Hanes or her heirs until 1972, and was used as rental property for much of that time.


Turn-of-the-Century Victorian, For Sale by Owner
2400 sq ft, 3BR- 213A Completely Renovated with
high ceilings, hardwoods, gas logs in fireplace
fenced yard, off-street parking, spacious
"old house charm - new house amenities"
$144,900 negotiable 773-1613

WEST END RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT - The series on Miss Jacqueline Dorminy will

conclude next month.


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