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June 1998


As you are probably know, Helene and I were recently married. We decided to use Grace Court for the ceremony and our home for the reception. We also used the following West End businesses to help us with the "bash": Barefoot Tours, City Beverage, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP, Magellan Travel, and Price Davis Florist. All were extremely helpful and made the wedding a success!


APRIL - Thirteen people attended the April meeting. Longtime West End resident Wiley Yarborough was spotted in the crowd. Mr. Yarborough is with the West End Garden Club.

Dan Falken reported that our treasury has a current balance of $9,524.

J. Eric Elliot presented the plan for a clock for Grace Court Park. This clock will be in keeping with the historic nature of the park and will have a time capsule at the base. If the order is placed by July, the clock can be installed before the Holiday House Tour. Possible sources of donations are being pursued.

A proposal was brought forward for a deposit for the use of Grace Court Park. Occasionally, the trash is left in the park or items are stapled to the gazebo by people who reserve the park. The deposit would defray the costs for cleanup or repair, and would be returned if the park area is left as found.

The West End Association is in dire need of a social chairperson before the 4th of July picnic. If you are interested, call me at 722-9804.

James Mitchell, the City Forester attended the meeting and spoke about trees and right-of-way problems in the West End. He listed the trees that are inappropriate for right-of-way locations - such as: maple, Bradford pears and crabapple. These trees cause problems with utility lines and root damage of sidewalks and curbs. The Forester Department can also come to your house and help identify problem trees. Call 748-3162 for information.

MAY - Thirty-two people attended the May meeting. The treasurer reported 114 paid members and $9,600 in the treasury.

YMCA petitioned for a picnic shelter - The Historic District Commission had a legal question on what basis they could not grant a certificate of appropriateness. So they decide to issue a continence. The continuance means that the YMCA will not be able to get the structure built for the summer activities. So they withdrew their application and will rework it and resubmit next summer. Also, there are 2 spots vacant on the YMCA board for West End residents (hint, hint).

A project to plant trees on Burke Street is in the works. The total cost will be approximately $16,000. The West End Garden Club may cover the cost of the trees and the Downtown Development Corp. will match whatever funds we generate. Already $2,350 has been pledged by various West End residents and Burke St. businesses.


The Holiday Home Tour Committee needs indiviiduals to help organize the event and West Enders to volunteer their homes. This is the premier event of the year for the West End and really showcases the neighborhood. Contact Helene Tyson at 722-9804 for more information.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday June, 2 at Grace Court Park from 7:00 to 8:45. All meetings through the summer will be held here until further notice. Newcomers - here is your chance to meet some of your fellow Lowe's and Home Depot shoppers!


Designed by Jacob Lott Ludlow in 1890, West End is one of North Carolina's finest examples of a turn-of-the-century streetcar suburb. Ludlow was the Town of Winston's first City Engineer. Originally conceived as a resort and residential community, the West End was laid out by Ludlow to take full advantage of the hilly terrain of the area. Dramatically curving streets, terraced lawns, and park areas were designed in strict contrast to the grid pattern of the remaining areas of the city.

The Zinzendorf Hotel was to be the focal point of the picturesque suburban area. Located on one of the highest elevations in the Town of Winston, the hotel was to be the center of the new resort community. The Zinzendorf opened in May 1892. Unfortunately disaster struck on December 1, 1892, when a fire destroyed the hotel. After the fire, a decision was made that the hotel would not be rebuilt. The ensuing development in West End became totally residential. Following Ludlow's design, West End developed through the 1920's into an upper and upper-middle class residential suburb.

The major style of architecture incorporated in the West End in its early years of development were Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and Neoclassical Revival. In the 1920's, an assortment of styles were built, including later Colonial Revival styles, Craftsmen style homes, bungalows, apartments and churches.

Consisting primarily of frame structures, the building materials used within the district are enhanced by elaborately designed curvilinear streets set off by beautifully terraced lawns, retaining walls, steps, and granite curbs. Several park settings add charm and interest to the lush landscape of the West End. The important architectural and historical heritage of the West End was recognized nationally in 1986, when the District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The West End Cafe is located across from Grace Court Park on 4th Street in the old Holiday Surgical Supply building. Owned and operated by Rob Shay, Stacy Griffin and David Martin, the Cafe has retained the original menu from the previous location across from the old Shober's. This group also operates the Southbound Bistro & Grille at 300 S. Liberty St. near Old Salem. The clientele runs from businessmen to Gen-X to families - all with tastes which are satisfied from an diverse menu. The menu is full of selections for meat lovers and vegetarians and additionally, a more refined menu is offered nightly and changes every 2 weeks. Rob Shay says the key to their success has been the location and the menu - heavy on deli style with salads and sandwiches custom-made to order. Future plans are to open the upstairs for private parties and wedding receptions. The West End Cafe is open Monday thru Saturday and closed on Sunday.


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