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May 1998

The next West End Association meeting will be at 7:00 pm Tuesday the 5th of May at Brunson Elementary Cafeteria. Everyone is invited.

The newsletter won’t be coming out this month because our editor is getting married. Congratulations Mike Tyson and Helene Cannon. We wish them the best.

For anyone interested in the downtown plan, the next DDC meeting will be on the 7th of May at the Benton Convention Center at 6:00 pm. The plan with revisions will be presented to the public at this meeting.

We would like to welcome our newest business member to the West End. West End Smoothies at 1003 Brookstown avenue will be opening Monday May 4th. We encourage everyone to drop by, try a smoothie and support one of our neighborhood businesses.

Last month we had a drawing for all dues paying West End Association members. We would like to congratulate Marianne & Tom Mylet on winning the $30 West End Café Gift Certificate. Bon Apetit.

Don’t forget to VOTE on the 5th before the meeting. The polls close at 7:00.