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April 1998


Anyone walking or driving through the West End can't help but notice an abrupt change in character between the residential sections of the West End and the business section of Burke Street. Recently, some West End residents met with 3 individuals from the City of Winston-Salem traffic department to discuss the possibility of adding trees along Burke Street. The overall look of the Burke Street business district would soften and the businesses would benefit from the increased pedestrian traffic. Both residents and business would appreciate the noise reduction benefits of trees along the street. Many of the business owners on Burke St. are in favor of the addition of greenery in their area. This is one of the reasons Helene and I moved to the West End - friendly, quiet, tree-lined streets. Any beautification projects for any of the business districts in or near the West End will benefit residential areas as well. Contact James Mitchell, the Urban Forester for the city of Winston-Salem at 748-3162 for information or to voice your support for the project.



Treasurer Mike Hill reported $9,400.00 in the treasury. Thanks for the efforts of Nick Kefal, David & Lisa Elam and others contributing time to boost the individual and corporate memberships.

The Long Range Planning Committee will function as a liaison for the new standing Association committees. These committees are: Zoning Monitoring Committee

Government Board Committee

West End Economic Development Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee

West End Traffic Committee

Signage/Neighborhood identification Committee

The next meetings are scheduled at Brunson School at 7:00 PM on April 23 and May 12. New committee members are still needed, so come to a meeting and find out where the West End is headed.

Lisa Elam is helping organize the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance, which will address issues that span different neighborhoods. This group will have meetings open to all residents of other neighborhoods and will have one spokesperson, Inez Davis.

Helene Cannon was volunteered to chair the 1998 Holiday House Tour. This is a fun event and an important one for the West End. It provides the opportunity for other city residents to see what an older home has to offer in character and style. If you are interested in helping with this year's tour, call 722-9804.

The idea was brought up about a gift to Brunson Elementary School in appreciation of the use of their facility for our meetings. The school could use some playground equipment - we may run some type of fundraising drive to help. 98-99 Kindergarten Information: Parents with children that will be 5 years old on or before October 16, 1998 and plan to attend Brunson school for Kindergarten in the 1998-99 school year should have contacted the school in March. If you need information, call the Brunson School at 727-2856.

West End resident Rence Callahan, president of the Winston-Salem Downtown Development Corporation presented an overview of the Strategic Plan and entertained questions on the same. The livelier parts of the discussion centered around whether historic preservation efforts would help or hinder redevelopment of downtown.


The start time for the Association meeting at Brunson School has been changed from 7:30 PM to 7:00 PM. We've been crunched for time the last two meetings, so this extra half hour will help. The meeting will still end at 9:00 PM. A $30.00 gift certificate for the West End Cafe will be raffled off to all current members attending this meeting - - yummee! Come to the meeting and make some new friends.

The Sanitation Department is starting the annual Bulky Item Pickup from March through August. Some West End residents have already received flyers for their areas. Lets clean up for spring. Call 727-2638 if you have any questions.

Part II of the West Ender spotlight on Jacqueline Dorminy will be in next month's issue. Sorry for the delay - I am getting married next month and wedding planning is consuming the majority of my free time.


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 The Snob Shop is family-owned consignment shop located on the shopping side of Hanes Park on West End Blvd. They carry everything from antiques to clothes to bedding and specialize in clothing 2 years old or less. Also available are a wide variety of household items and decorator accessories. The Snob Shop offers a fun shopping atmosphere where there's always something 20%, 50% and 80% off.

Antiques by Patsy Dye, located at 457 West End Blvd. specializes in antiques furniture and accessories from Europe (France & England) as well as local American estates. There are show pieces from the 17th century to Art Deco of the 1920's and 30's. Rare and unused lamps and chandeliers are available. Lamp shades in silks, brocades, 7 size

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The Village Carpenters offer all types of home improvement and remodeling. Owner Scott Sechler is a West End resident and provides a personal touch. Services relevant to unique West End homes include: Sheetrock, porches/decks, tile work and masonry work. Scott also does general household maintenance. Look to the Village Carpenters for quality craftsmanship and service.


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