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March 1998


The February meeting had over 40 people in attendance! One of the faces in the crowd was Kay Morgan, principal of Brunson Elementary School. Lisa and David Elam were manning the dues table. I did not get a final tally, but it looked like a lot of new and some old West Ender residents were paying dues. Great job membership committee!

Elections for West End Board Members were held and the following positions were filled:


SECRETARY: Helene Cannon & Mike Tyson

BOARD MEMBERS: Nancy Dawson-Sauser & Joe Sauser

Mary Ann Sevick & Nick Kefal

Laura & Allen Burrows

Chris & John Griffith

Tabatha Creagan & Bobby Renegar

Judy Steger

Congratulations to the new Board members - roll up your collective sleeves, there is a lot to do in the next 12 months!

Lisa Elam went to a city planning meeting and reported that the old courthouse and other historic structures in downtown Winston-Salem are in jeopardy. Lisa is forming regional neighborhood council composed of other neighborhoods in the downtown are so that a letter will be drafted to voice the council concerns.

Nancy Dawson-Sauser and J. Eric Elliott from the Long Range Planning Committee presented the final version of the Long Range Plan for the West End. The Committee did a great job of both identifying the issues and developing action plans. The plan was accepted by the board, and an action plan for the 1998-99 calendar year is outlined below.

WINTER 1998 - Increase membership; especially, number of dues-paying members.

FEBRUARY 1998 - Elect new Board, with clear job assignments within Board.

Release Long-Range Planning Report to Community Leaders and the Media.

MARCH 1998 - Establish standing committees for Association:

Zoning Monitoring Committee

Government Board Liaison Committee

West End Economic Development Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee

West End Traffic Committee

Signage / Neighborhood Identification Committee

APRIL 1998 - Invite City Forester / County Extension Agent for discussion of neighborhood trees.

JUNE 1998 - Develop a new logo and typography for the West End

SEPTEMBER 1998 - Create a directory of residents, with information about neighborhood business and renovation regulations.

DECEMBER 1998 - Post signs with Neighborhood Logo at entrances and exits to neighborhood.

West End Tour of Homes

Make available new design for historic house markers.

JANUARY 1999 - Erect signage identifying neighborhood within its borders.

Dedication of new cast iron clock at Grace Court, with citywide time capsule at base.

MARCH 1999 - Dedicate improvements to Downtown Park.

As a neighborhood, we can meet these goals with active participation from everyone. It will greatly enhance recognition of the West End as a Historic District both inside and outside of the Winston area. Please attend the March meeting and sign up for a committee. The full version of the plan will be available for those who did not get one last month. It is also on the website, or call a board member for a copy. We strongly encourage all West Enders to read the plan. This plan would not have been possible without the hard work of the following: Craig Dishner, Lisa & David Elam, Eric Elliot, Nick Kefal & Mary Ann Sevick, Nancy Dawson-Sauser & Joe Sauser, and Jim Vaughn. Thanks for all of your hard work!

The discussion sparked some good ideas for fundraising for plan implementation. Suggestions included tagging onto some of the Running Club events, such as the Ultimate Runner, the Mistletoe event in December or the Wachovia 8K in November and recreating the bicycle criterion that used to run in May. The Ultimate Runner is a nationally recognized event and was the subject of an article in Runner's World. These are great events that get people in and around the West End and improve the community image of Winston-Salem as a whole. Action-oriented committee members will be needed!


The Village Frame Shop, owned and operated by Ed and Sally Richter, is located at 409 West End Blvd. The shop offers antique engravings, unique prints and a wide selection of mouldings. Specialties include custom shadow boxes and mirrors. Personal service and design expertise are the rule and will enhance your art and photography your home or office and bring you many years of enjoyment. Stop by Monday-Friday 9:30 to 5:30 PM, Saturdays, 9:30 until 1:00 PM.

Magellan Travel is located on Burke St. and specializes in adventure, corporate and specialty travel. They have Australian and European specialists in house. Feel free to stop by and visit them!

Levin, Spinnett & Company, L.L.P., business consultants and CPAs, have been serving the community for over 30 years. With the 1997 "tax season" upon us, the new tax law provides financial opportunity to those who know where to look. Look to the tax accounting and business consulting professionals at Levin, Spinnett & Company, L.L.P., for fast and accurate tax preparation.


The next meeting of the Association will be held on March 3 at Brunson Elementary School from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. All West End residents are invited to attend. A drawing for a $30.00 gift certificate to the West End Cafe will be raffled off. For you long range planners, the April 7 and May 5 meetings will also be held at Brunson Elementary.

Nick Kefal has been busy again...this time he brings us procedures from the City Department of Transportation for speed limit, stop sign or other traffic engineering changes.

The following is an excerpt of their letter:

1. The Department receives a request from a citizen, an alderman or from another

department within the City. Neither written requests nor petitions are required.

2. A series of investigations are conducted to evaluate the concern and to assist

in developing a recommended solution.

3. When all studies and field investigations have been completed, all data is compiled and a recommended course of action is developed.

Examples are: Request that the Board of Alderman approve a speed limit change.

Changing on-street parking to help address sight distance


Advance warning signs, which can alert drivers to unexpected conditions. This can also have the added benefit of reducing speeds in the area.

As you can see, it is easy to mention the problem, but a little more difficult to implement the solution. Some of the traffic problems in the West End are confined to a certain street, while others do affect larger areas. Talk to your neighbors if you feel there is a traffic problem on your street. Then call the Department of Transportation at 727-2707 and voice your concerns.


When I moved to the West End, I noticed a large building on the corner of West End and Fourth with a sign reading "Dorminy Studios". I thought it was an art studio or something, and really didn't give it much thought.

Nick Kefal stopped by there late last year to talk about sponsoring the newsletter and he met Jacqueline Dorminy, the owner of the dance studio. After his meeting, he came over and briefly told me about her and said I should drop sometime and meet her. I made an appointment and spent over an 90 minutes talking about her life and her experiences in the world of dance and costume design.

Jacqueline Dorminy was born on April 26, 1907 in Hawkensville, Georgia, about 150 miles south of Atlanta. She showed a knack for business early in life - at age 7 she sold bags of peanuts from her family farm for $.35 each to friends and neighbors. The business grew to the point where her father started charging her $.25 for each bag to cover his costs. She eventually saved $14.00 (a large amount of money in those days) and bought her first "dressy" dress with the profits.

While in high school, she began working in a millenary shop which made hats, both plain and fancy, for women. Downstairs, Western Union had a telegraph office and Jacquiline learned Morse code and started working as an operator making $4.00 a week. Her interest in drama continued to grow and she started taking drama classes and doing some costume work.

Drama does run in her family. Jacqueline's mother was the daughter of one of the cast members of "Gone with the Wind". Remember the scene where Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler were walking with their baby and they passed two ladies. Rhett tipped his hat and the ladies acknowledged him but treated Scarlett with scorn. One of those ladies was Jacqueline's mother - Susan Bartlett.

Jacqueline attended University of Georgia and continued with her work in drama and costume design. She took twice the number of courses required for a degree in drama and her hard work paid off - she received $500.00 in gold for top honors.


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