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November 1997

Fall is finally here! We get relief from sweltering September afternoons, high electric bills and and worrying if and when it will rain. With all these changes come changes in the newsletter.

Hello, West Enders, my name is Mike Tyson and I'm the new editor of this illustrious publication. Mr. Sparrow felt it was time for participation from other West Enders so I volunteered. Neither myself nor my co-editor, Helene Cannon, are quite as polished writers as the previous editor, so please bear with us as we learn the ropes. Speaking of writing, we encourage other West End residents to submit articles, letters to the editor, and news items to the editors. We will make the newsletter as interesting as we can, but it will get stale pretty fast if we don't get input from the rest of the community!

(Somewhat Unofficial) Notes from the October Meeting

Jim Vaughan opened the meeting with the question of whether West End residents were becoming apathetic as there are no great battles to be fought. His thoughts are addressed in a Letter from the President which can be found on the web page for those who did not receive a copy at the meeting. A strong recommendation was made to bring in new members to the board to freshen things up. Both Jim and Wanda Merschel made the point that people in the association need to be prepared to act on their suggestions rather than relying on a few of the board members to get things done. (Editor's note: This was when Mike volunteered to edit the newsletter and Helene's eyes popped out of her head.) Discussion followed on how to encourage new and old residents to come to the meetings. Hand delivery of the newsletter was discussed as a means to encourage participation. Despite the cost, the group felt the newsletter should be continued as a means of keeping the neighborhood informed. Nick Kefal volunteered his time and expertise as the new Business Manager of the Association.

Directly related to the participation issue is the low number of dues paying members . To simplify the process, it was suggested that dues be paid at the beginning of each calendar year rather than scattered throughout the year.

Some issues for continuing improvement for the West End include getting historical markers placed at the boundaries of the West End so that people passing through recognize it as a historic district. Also mentioned was the addition of period streetlights.

One major issue addressed was the speeding traffic through the West End. Several residents have called the city asking for the lowering of speed limits, placement of speed bumps and 4-way stop signs at some intersections. This met with little success. If you would like to add your voice to the campaign, please call Stan Polanus at the City of Winston-Salem at 727-2707. Suggestions for long range solutions included changing intersections over from pavement to cobblestones, which would serve a dual purpose of slowing traffic and helping to restore the historic look of the West End.

The subject of vandalism was brought up by a couple of residents. The suggestion was made to revive the Neighborhood Watch program in the West End. If this is to be an organized effort, a lead volunteer is needed.

Letter from the Business Manager

To all members of the West End Association, past and present, our Membership Drive begins right after the Holidays and runs through January and February. Let's be proactive and send in our dues early so our efforts can be directed at gaining additional advertisers for our newsletter and more members for our organization. Dues are $15/yr., $5/yr. for seniors and full-time students, $25/yr. for corporate or business and $75/yr for corporate or business (includes advertisement in the West Ender for one year). We need everyone's ideas, input and participation to make 1998 a banner year for neighborhood. Thank you

Nick Kefal
Business Manager

Top 10 Reasons for Living in the West End

Mike and I have been in the West End now for just about 6 months, so we felt we have gotten a pretty good enough feel for the neighborhood to offer some observations to those who might be looking to join us:

10. No need to go shopping for a cat - plenty of strays to go around.
9. Save time by not watching TV programs like Home Improvement because you live Home Improvement
8. The whole issue of "where to go and what to do" in Winston-Salem is totally moot because all you do is work on the house.
7. If you lose your job, you can always get one at Lowes or Home Depot because you already know where everything is.
6. For those with steep stairways from the street - no need to use the Stairmaster at the YMCA or YWCA.
5. You get to join the West End Association and write the newsletter.
4. Who needs a driveway?
3. You can avoid mowing the front lawn by turning it into a herb garden.
2. If you don't mind waiting to renovate, you can always wait for one of those huge trees to fall on the house and get the insurance company to pay the bill.

.........and the #1 reason for living in the West End is:

1. You just don't get a Hot Pink clawfoot tub when you buy a Fortis Home.

Food for Thought (Shameless editorializing)

Last Sunday's Journal had a letter to Sam asking how to get the speed limit on Polo Road reassessed. This was in response to a bicyclist being killed and a another resident being hit while getting her mail. If traffic were recognized as a city-wide issue, it would get some attention from the police force, and perhaps some action from the city to add stop signs or reduce speed limits. While there is a resource problem with regards to the police, we still need to find a way to draw the line.

When Mike and I were deciding to make an offer on our West End house and a friend of mine asked me if I would want to raise children in "that" area. Where would they ride their bikes? Would there be other kids in the neighborhood? Was it "kid friendly"? One of the reasons we felt confident in choosing the West End was the West End Association. We felt that being in the Historic District would help protect our investment and knew that the association has some political voice within the city.

A lot of West Enders seem to think that once the Historic District was established, that was
last major issue for the Association. Well, there are still a lot of things in our neighborhood that need to be addressed. If we as a neighborhood let the city government know that we are not happy with the speed situation, maybe other neighborhoods will follow suit and the city will respond. Back to Jim's and Wanda's points at the last meeting, this will not happen all by itself. We need people who will come out and work for these changes. If we can get 800 people to come out for the Christmas tour, we can get the city to put up a few street signs. It's really not that hard, and at the very worst, you just might meet a few of your neighbors.
-- Contributing Editor Helene Cannon --

Side Notes

The next meeting is at Craig and Kim Dishner's home at 1404 Brookstone Ave. on November 5 at 7:30 PM. All West Enders are encouraged to attend.

At the November meeting, Jack Steelman with the Winston-Salem Downtown Development Corp. will be presenting their plans for the downtown. This will be a great opportunity for us to find out the long range plans for our city and how it will affect the West End.

As a group, we pay a fair amount of taxes - or at least if feels that way. Nick Kefal has embarked on a mission to quantify that statement. We will keep you updated on his progress.

To get a copy of the West End Historic Overlay District Design Review Guidelines, contact the Winston-Salem Historic District Commission, PO Box 2511 W-S, NC 27102 phone: 727-2087
Don't forget to vote on November 4th - West Ender Wanda Merschel is running for alderman of the Northwest Ward.



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