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October 1997


Like the grammar-school child who fails to turn in homework, the West Ender editor really has no good excuse. He hopes you will attend the next West End Board meeting and find out more about the neighborhood stuff. He rationalizes that the newsletter has been so good that folks have no need to come to the monthly meetings. In fact, there was no meeting in September. So, in order to improve attendance at the board meetings, production of the newsletter was suspended.

Do you believe that? No? What about the dog thing? Will you take that? The legal department won’t let us print the Top 10 Reasons there wasn’t a newsletter last month. Seriously, please attend.


Municipal elections will take place 4 November 1997. All West Enders are encouraged to inform themselves on the issues and vote. Surely we can do better than the 11% turnout of last month’s primary. The candidates thank you in advance for your support.