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October 2000


Mike Horn from Horn and Stronach Bloom Marketing Advertising reported on their attempts to identify a marketing phrase to promote the city. Several options were discussed. If you have any ideas for this group contact Carrie Sizemore at 727-2184.

Ken Dunn, a new business owner on Burke Street, spoke about "Didofair," a fund-raiser to support breast cancer research and other charity organizations. The event was held on Burke Street on September 9th.

Mike Prince from the Burke Street Pub spoke to the group about a parking variance that he has applied for.

The "Save the Houses" committee reported on their plans to bring attention to the YMCA’s proposed demolition of the 4 historic homes on their property, on West End Blvd.

The treasurer’s report was given.

Jackie Pittman gave a report on the House Tour. The name of this year’s tour will be "West End Treasures." The board voted to forego purchasing greenery for the homes on the tour and, instead, give the owners an historic house plaque. A percentage of the proceeds from the tour will be donated to the YWCA.


Next monthly meeting: October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. at Brunson School.


A Street RALLY to oppose the demolition of the 4 historic homes on YMCA property is planned for October 18th at 5:15p.m. The Rally will be on West End Blvd,

Call Lisa Elam if you would like to help (724-5282). Kathleen Ramich will be taking orders for "Save the Houses" t-shirts between now and the next West End Association meeting on October 3rd. To place an order you can call her at 723-9207, of talk with her after the meeting. The cost of these is $7.00.



Jackie Pittman still needs 3 house captains, and also a person to chair the house captains. Call Jackie Pittman (722-4122) if you are interested in helping with this.

The following houses will be on the tour:

The Walker – Law House ca. 1922, 713 Manly Street, Mary Beth & Scott Sechle

The Thomas-Welch House ca. 1923, 618 Summit St., Ron Mobley & Terry Hall

The Joseph E. Alexander House ca. 1905, 1120 W. Fourth Street, Felice & Keith Avery


Duplex ca. 1920, 1135 W. Fourth Street, Jerry Tuttle


The Jones-Maddry-McIver House ca. 1916, 122 Piedmont Ave., Mary Ann Sevick & Nick Kefal


The Abraham Cohn House ca. 1921, 1000 West End Blvd., Barbara & Bud Goldsmith

The William J. Paschal House ca. 1920, 1016 West End Blvd., Ashley & John Kelley


The Lawrence-Shore-Byerly House ca. 1917, 1228 Glade St., Barbara & Rence Callahan




A few West End residents have asked me to put something in the newsletter about "dog problems" they have been experiencing. Two individuals have complained about dogs which bark around the clock. I had a retriever many years ago that went bonkers when I left the house – I never knew about it until a neighbor brought it to my attention. She (the dog) apparently suffered from separation anxiety. If you own a dog, a neighborly thing to do would be to ask your neighbor if your pooch barks a lot when you are not around. Try to control the noise when you are home. Bringing your animal indoors when you are away from your home would also muffle the noise.

Another individual complained about the sheer amount of dog doo being deposited in her yard. I too have had a problem with this. There are some grasses alongside the curb in front of my home and, occasionally, a canine will leave us a package which hangs suspended in the grass. (A combination of thick grass and a very tall dog!). Anyway, the problem begins when we park, open the passenger-side door, and close it again – dragging the odiferous gift back into the car. Please curb your dog and pick-up after it.

A third problem is dogs running loose. One resident said that she knows of someone in West End who watched his cats get ripped to shreds a few months back by two dogs that came running into his yard. This person also sees a black lab puppy

running loose up and down 4th Street quite often - it bobs in and out of

traffic around the Dorminy Studio. Please be certain to keep your dogs on a leash or behind a fence.

Just to be fair, as the owner of 3 cats I know that they can cause problems too. I have a black and white, fairly neurotic cat (Tooko) who has obsessive compulsive tendencies. Tooko apparently gets upset when things are not put away – but are left out in the yard (such as gardening tools, laundry baskets, etc). He relieves his anxiety by spraying the offending objects (which, by the way, may include things left outside in my neighbor’s yard. Ouch!) When I lived in Pennsylvania, my oldest cat (Kisiek) had an ongoing "contest" of sorts with my neighbor’s cat (Bingo). Bingo used to use my front garden as his litterbox, in clear view of Kisiek who would watch from my dining room window. This obviously infuriated Kisiek who would retaliate accordingly in my neighbor’s rose garden. The gardens gradually deteriorated, and Tooko continues to express his displeasure at people who don’t pick-up after themselves. In the face of their misdeeds, we have found that the keys to maintaining good relationships are neighbors who are willing to tell us that a problem exists, a sincere effort on our part to police our "kids," and laughter.

Unrelated to pet problems, one additional complaint has been registered with me. A resident of the southern half of West End Boulevard recently complained about the number of trash cans being left at the curb long after trash has been picked-up by the city. This may apply to other areas of the West End as well. Please remove your trash cans to a less conspicuous area of your home or apartment building.

One other resident wrote a rather lengthy letter to me about garbage pick-up. I will address this issue in the next issue of the West Ender. If you have some thoughts on garbage – please email me at



1-page advertisements may be circulated in the newsletter for a cost of $75.00.

Those interested in having us distribute such an advertisement must have 1,100

copies made. These should be delivered to Lisa and David Elam. The advertiser should confirm the distribution date for the newsletter and have materials to Lisa

and David well in advance of distribution. Materials suitable for distribution include: business advertisements, special events, and real estate.



Certificate of appropriateness applications in the West End:

Teresa E. O'Brien, Applicant. Herring-Sparks House, 1254 West Fourth Street


Installation of Concrete Drive on South Side of House CONTINUED FROM AUGUST 02, 2000 MEETING. WITHDRAWN

William F. Maready, Applicant. Maready Building. Phase Two Development of West End Court Office Center. Former Vacant Lot Between 1074 & 1090 West Fourth Street

1076 West Fourth Street. Installation of Monument Sign in Front Yard. CONTINUED UNTIL OCTOBER 04, 2000 MEETING

Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP, Applicant. Larry A. Manuel, Director of Facilities and Purchasing. Former Petree, Stockton, & Robinson Law Office, 1001 West Fourth Street


Construction of Covered Porch Addition to Main, South Entrance

Briefing on Minor Work Approvals in the West End

Terry White, Applicant. Phoenix Restoration Specialist, Mark E. and Laura A. Miller, owners - W. Kerr Scott House, 139 Piedmont Avenue. Miscellaneous repairs, replacements, and/or reconstructions to main structure to address recent storm damage

Don and Sandra Mikush, Applicants, Sihon Cicero Ogburn House, 1205 Clover Street


Removal of two trees and installation of wood picket fence

Nicholas Kefal, Applicant, Jones-Maddry-McIver House, 122 Piedmont Avenue


Miscellaneous repairs and/or replacements to post-1930 detached garages to address storm damage; alteration of roof pitch to relate to that of main structure

Lisa and David Elam, W. H. Sharp House, 114 Piedmont Avenue. Removal of tree damaged in recent storm