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May    2000



May 2000

Hello folks! I’d like to introduce myself to you as the new editor for the West End Newsletter. I am married to Nick Kefal, have 3 great boys (Alex, Gabe, and Todd) and 3 cats (Kisiek, George, and Tuko). I spend most of my waking hours at the WFUBMC

doing research and teaching in the medical school. Nick and I live in what used to be a real handy-person’s special – and we are nearing completion of nearly 5 years of remodeling. Now that I don’t have to spend every waking moment attending to the house I feel that I can contribute some time to the newsletter. I am hoping that this can be a collaborative effort (please, please, please!!) and that you will feel free to email me ( any contributions that you would like to appear in the newsletter (e.g. poems, local interest stories, events, info on new residents, etc)

Next monthly meeting: June 6th at 7:00 p.m. at Grace Court Gazebo

A warm welcome to some of our new Board Members

Our last West End meeting was on May 2, 2000. Some of the highlights are as follows:

In the police report, the officer in attendance told the group that some graffiti had been sprayed at 1020 Brookstown, behind Jewel Interiors. The police request that we call them if we notice a recurrence.

The Grace Court Millennium Clock will be installed soon. As you know a time capsule will be placed in the base of the clock. 115 neighborhoods are being invited to place something in the capsule. If you would like to help with this effort or you have some ideas about what we should place in the capsule Dan Falken or Becky Sparrow. Contributors should submit their entries by June 15th.

Recent actions such as Petree Stockton’s demolition of the house on 4th Street and the Y’s proposed demolition of the four West End Blvd houses sends a strong message to would-be investors in this area that it’s okay to buy up historic West End properties and tear them down to build offices, parking lots, etc. This is in direct opposition to the rationale for establishing an historic district, and threatens the historic value and integrity of our neighborhood. John Merchel, John Kelley, and Kathleen Ramich are preparing a presentation for the YMCA board on the history of the West End Association and how it came to be and will include ideas regarding how the houses can be made profitable.


Some amendments have been proposed to the Historic District Certificate of Authorization guidelines for making exterior changes to homes in the West End. For more details, you may attend the Historic District Commission meeting on Wednesday June 7th, 5:30 p.m. in the Alderpersons’ Chamber in City Hall.

A Coordinator of the West End House Tour is still needed. This is not as hard as it sounds! Numerous West Enders participate in this effort year after year and are ready and willing to serve again this year. The past coordinator (Helene Tyson) maintained comprehensive files on her work that will provide a great template for the next coordinator. Helene is also willing advise the new coordinator in getting the House Tour going.

All of the historic district street signs have been installed and all work related to this project has been paid-for. Aren’t they wonderful?

House markers, designed by the same person who created the design for the street signs (our esteemed Board Member David Poythress), will be available for purchase in September.

Bond issue: Alderman Wanda Merschel is inviting residents to discuss the city’s capital needs and other concerns at 3 open forums. (Go Wanda!) Let’s be sure to support our alderwoman in her attempts to obtain citizen input into the bond issue. Forums are scheduled for:

Thurs., May 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the YWCA, 1201 Glade St.

Wed., May 17 at 7:00 p.m. at Oldtown Recreation Center, 4550 Shattalon Dr.

Thurs., May 25 at 7:00 p.m. at Reynolda Manor Library, 2851 Fairlawn Dr.



A warm welcome to some of our new Board Members

Bobby and Jennifer Finch have lived in the West End for over 2 years. Bobby is a commercial real estate broker with Carter & Associates ONCOR and Jennifer is an Interior Designer. The have a yellow lab named Sally and a calico cat named Fee.

Jim and Jocelyn Gavitt have been living in the West End for over a year and say that they really love it here. Jim runs a local prepress company, AdColor, on Brookstown Ave. Jocelyn and two of her colleagues opened a new business last year called Trinity Architecture and Planning, Inc. They have 2 labs, and no kids (yet).

Greg White has been living in the West End since 1988, and Tory joined him in 1995. Before buying their current home on Summit Street (the Pegram-Apperson house) they were advised by some that the house should be demolished. However they stubbornly restored it and now have a home that they both love. Tory works for Long Haymes Carr Advertising and Greg spends his day managing his properties and "looking for things." The have a gourmet black lab (Sadie) and a Lhasa Apso (Emma – which can’t seem to leave Sadie alone). Be sure to sneak a peak at the new perennial garden that they just planted in their front yard.

Kathleen Ramich moved to the West End nearly 8 years ago to help manage and rehab an apartment building on Glade Street. She enjoys the character of the neighborhood and the friendly neighbors she has met. Kathleen spends her day as a commercial Realtor with Miller Hatcher, Inc. She is also an artist and especially loves making pottery. Kathleen says that when she is working in her studio on the wheel or sculpting, that she experiences a sense of timelessness. Her significant other is a psychologist in private practice in Greensboro.






Officers of the West End Association Board

President (1999-2001)				Vice Presidents (1999-2001)
Eric Elliott  					David and Lisa Elam
Phone: 727-9857				Phone: 724-5282
Email:		Email:
Second Vice President (1999-2001) 	Treasurer (2000-2002)
Jim Vaughan 					Dan Falken
Phone:725-7772, ext. 101 	 		Phone:	722-5522
Secretary (2000-2002)			Business Manager (until he says "uncle")
Kathleen Ramich 				Nick Kefal
Phone:	723-9207				Phone:	725-9209
Email:	Email:	
Members of the West End Association Board	
Bobby and Jennifer Finch  			Bud and Barbara Goldsmith
Phone:725-5774					Phone:	725-4711		Email:
Billye Keith Jones 				David Poythress
Phone:748-2057 (b.) 723-1771 (h) 	Phone:	723-3645 (b) 724-0922 (h)
Email: Email:
Warren and Becky Sparrow			Helene and Mike Tyson
Phone:725-8953 (h) 748-0889 (b)		Phone:	722-9804		Email:
Marty and Alex Flowers			Jim and Jocelyn Gavitt
Phone:761-0108 (h) 931-3888 (b)		Phone:	773-0783 			Email:
John and Ashley Kelley 				Andy and Paige Lester-Niles 
Phone: 631-9000 (b) 727-0407 (h) 		Phone:	725-4412		Email:
Tom and Jackie Pittman				Doug and Polly Pugh
Phone: 741-2974 (b) 722-4122 (h)		Phone:	725-2340
Email:		Email:

Greg and Tory White
Phone: 773-1833,